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Traveling from Maihar, India, to Nepal is an exciting adventure filled with breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and rich history. Whether you're planning a pilgrimage to Lumbini or a scenic tour of the Himalayan foothills, having reliable information on taxi fares is crucial to budget your trip efficiently. In this article, we'll explore the cost of a taxi ride from Maihar to Nepal, providing you with insights on one-way and round-trip charges.

Maihar to Nepal Taxi Fare: An Overview

The distance between Maihar in Madhya Pradesh, India, and Nepal's border can vary depending on your specific destination in Nepal. While the nearest border crossing point is Sunauli, other options like Rupaidiha or Belahiya can be considered as well. Here's a detailed breakdown of the taxi fare:

  1. One-Way Taxi Fare: INR 16,000
  2. Round-Trip Taxi Fare: INR 20,000

One-Way Taxi Fare: INR 16,000

For travelers looking to make a one-way journey from Maihar to Nepal, the taxi fare is set at INR 16,000. This fare covers the cost of the ride from Maihar to the chosen border crossing point, typically Sunauli. Travelers need to consider that they will have to arrange alternative transportation in Nepal, such as a local taxi or bus, to reach their final destination within Nepal.

Round-Trip Taxi Fare: INR 20,000

If you're planning to visit Nepal and return to Maihar, the round-trip taxi fare is a more cost-effective option. Priced at INR 20,000, this fare includes transportation from Maihar to the Nepal border, as well as the return journey to Maihar. It provides a hassle-free experience and is the preferred choice for travelers who want to explore different parts of Nepal and return comfortably.

Key Considerations

  1. Distance and Time: The distance between Maihar and the Nepal border can vary based on your chosen crossing point. The travel time will depend on road conditions, traffic, and the specific destination in Nepal. Be prepared for a journey of several hours.
  2. Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary travel documents, including your passport, visa, and any permits required to enter Nepal.
  3. Local Transportation: Once you cross the border into Nepal, you may need to arrange additional transportation to reach your final destination. Local taxis, buses, and rickshaws are common options.
  4. Shared Taxis: If you're looking to save on transportation costs, you can consider sharing a taxi with other travelers heading to the same destination in Nepal. This can help reduce expenses.
  5. Seasonal Variations: Taxi fares may fluctuate based on the time of year and local demand. Be sure to check with local service providers for the most current rates.


Traveling from Maihar to Nepal is a memorable experience filled with natural beauty and cultural richness. By understanding the taxi fare options, you can better plan your journey and ensure a smooth transition from India to Nepal. Whether you opt for a one-way or round-trip taxi, these options provide convenience and affordability for your travel needs. Don't forget to consider additional transportation within Nepal and ensure all your travel documents are in order. With these tips in mind, you'll be well-prepared to explore Nepal's wonders and create lasting memories on your journey.

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